Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Press Releases and Copyright.organisations issuing Press Releases to AAN want their article to be broadcast as far and wide as possible, Press Releases are provided generally to multiple media outlets globally taking this in to account we consider copyright is not applied although images supplied with a press release may be subject copyright and or credit applied to the outlet or photographer
  2. Press Releases (embargoed). An embargoed release is a media release or announcement that is shared with the media in advance of its publishing date. … The release shares confidential information with the journalist and or organisation, but it is shared with the understanding that it is meant to remain confidential until the stated publishing date. AAN will never breach this trust.
  3. AAN Editorials added to press releases. Our media team will research and add news and technical information if required to a press releases i.e. if the press release is regarding deliveries AAN will research to add to the release on our site only a figure of total deliveries as of the release if not available at the time of the release.
  4. Additional News Referral. We may in exceptional circumstances if of a benefit to our readers direct them to a site off our platform if the news in question is not readily available to us at that point. Copyright is not infringed if a small summary and link is used in most cases, we will advise our readers of the owner of the content.
  5. Additional news sources. AAN are often approached by various sources of news, if AAN use the source it may be subject to full text use or partial text use as required to fit for magazine purposes or page space, AAN will always credit the author and or source of the content, the content and image copyright will remain the responsibility of the news source or provider unless agreed in writing otherwise, in some cases the image(s) copyright may be transferred to AAN with agreement of the provider in writing for the article.
  6. AAN editorials and news articles. Our business is news and information we will stand by our news and content. The content and copyright of the news and image(s) are retained in full.  Editorials are at the discretion of the editor, there position in any magazine or online is decided by the editor of AAN at the time of the editorial.
  7. Logo’s & Images. All company logos necessary for press releases and images supplied for press releases are considered copyright free unless otherwise advised.
  8. AAN Imagery and photography (only). All our images and artwork are security marked and are subject to stringent copyright protections in accordance with current laws in England. Security by means of watermarking’s, signature(s) and digital marking is used to show ownership of copyright.
  9. All images provided to AAN. Are credited to the photographer either online or in a magazine, prior permission to use the image, to edit any image for the purposes of online use, magazine use such as image cropping, enhancing, change of size and format for the purposes as described, is granted and or permitted by the copyright owner to AAN upon submission. The copyright of the image(s) either hard photo or digital is retained by the photographer.
  10. All photographs sent in to AAN or provided to AAN by post cannot be returned and will be kept for record purposes, all digital photos will be stored on disc for editorial or auditing purposes for news articles both paper and digital pictures will not be used unless agreed in future with the copyright owner.

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