About us

About Us

Aero Aviation News is the home to leading news and views in the aviation and defence industry

History - Then & Now

Primarily HelicopterMonthly was our first publication covering all aspects of the civil, parapublic, military, civil and private news in the helicopter industry starting in 1995 in the USA, it was then purchased by its current owner who has patiently extended it to a multimedia platform covering Helicopters, Corporate and Commercial Aircraft and Now our newest addition UAV/Drone.

In 2020 we will start to offer advert design services and magazine design services to the aviation industry along with social media and PR services.

Rebranding in 2020 as Aero Aviation News to cover our three publications.

Services we offer to the Aviation Industry

Professional Photography
PR & Product Photography
Aerial Photography
Magazine & Brochure design services
Promotional material services

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